Services For Corporates

In over 10 years in working with NGOs. Corporates and Government agencies, We have developed a knack for getting things done by collaborating all on the same platform. The problem solving attitude helps us provide unmatched services to our clients be it strategizing or execution. Here are our services.

Research and Strategy

Developing a vision, achievable and tangible targets and engagement strategies is the first thing we suggest we do.

Government Approvals

A lot of campaigns can be approved, funded and promoted by government programmes. We help you identify, connect and get them onboard our objectives smoothly

Joint Ventures and Collaborations

Lets leverage on the volunteer base of a complimentary campaigns and maximize our impact. Coca cola and McDonalds. The blind man and the lame

Reputation Building

The most important aspect of a social campaign is to build trust and formidable reputation.

Stakeholders Co-ordination

There are a lot of stake holders involved in social campaigns. Co-ordination will decide the fate

Complete Online Management

Emails, Servers, Whatsapp, Website, Etc. While you focus on your core strength, we do the rest.

Arts & Design

Website, Branding, Marketing Collateral, Emails Etc. We design everything.

Content marketing

Now-a-days the most important form of marketing online.

Campaign Execution

While strategizing is one thing, we also execute the campaigns with you on the ground

Public Relations

A very important marketing activity to keep the stakeholders connected and engaged with your company.


Let the world know about your story and compel them be a part of it.

Social Media

Much abused but least understood form of CSR marketing.

CSR Opportunities

Finding right CSR opportunities for you

Market Research

Where to spend, why to spend, how to spend

Volunteering Trips

CSR Tours for the volunteering employees to build social responsibility and camaraderie.


Auditing the CSR Spend.

Strategic Partnerships

Finding right partners for your CSR Strategy