Aditya Agrawal

I am Aditya Agrawal, StartUp Business and Strategy Consultant. A tech graduate working since 2011 in IT industry, I have been advising Start-ups and Businesses since 2013 and have over 6 years experience in Business and Strategy Consulting. I help start-ups and entrepreneurs fine-tune their business plans and strategies to survive the competitive and lucrative start-up market. I along with my colleagues also help raise funding from venture capitalists or angel investors. My focus is on helping them design robust business models, develop clear and compelling value propositions, conduct market assessments that demonstrate the problem/needs, perform benchmarking of the relevant competitors, and develop a prudent go-to-market approach. I work together with my clients in order to prepare them for the meetings with investors, partners and clients.
In working with my clients, the guiding principles are professional integrity, honesty and effort to walk the extra mile. There are no ready to apply solutions for developing business plans or preparing for fundraising – every business, value proposition, business model, competitive situation and market trends are combined in a unique manner. We need a structured approach and readiness to break some “common wisdoms” in order to design our road to the success. I am ready to help my clients with all the knowledge and experience accumulated in more than 6 years working with exceptional clients and colleagues. I have a reputation of being an honest and a very genuine person when it comes to business advice so be ready to get it without any sugar-coating. Industries Worked With: Ecommerce, Construction, CrowdFunding, Social Media, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Politics, Manufacturing, Stock Markets. Additionally, I am the founder of as well.

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Neuro-Marketing Services

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Web-Designing/ Development
  • Video Creation & Marketing
  • Branding/Brand Management
  • Lead Generation

Business Consultancy

  • Business Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Market Research
  • Business Intelligence
  • Usability Services
  • Investments/Funding

CSR & Reputation Marketing

  • Reputation Building
  • Stealth Reputation Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • CSR Marketing
  • CSR Management
  • CSR Fund Raising

The Legal Side

  • Legal Help
  • Company Incorporation
  • Trademarks and Legal Permissions
  • Insolvency
  • Valuation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

MSME Marketing Services

  • Strategic partnerships
  • UK,US,Gulf Market Entry
  • Distribution Network Setup
  • OEM Setup
  • Marketing Automation
  • Import/Export

International Sourcing

  • Product Sourcing
  • Supplier Sourcing
  • Manufacturing Setup
  • Foreign Brand Entry
  • OEM Setup
  • Investment Opportunities

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