June 2019

How much time does it take to create a brand/reputation online?

Following up on the previous post, https://neurosourcing.com/business-start-up/is-individual-brand-reputation-really-important/ and the subsequent question, here is my view. Social media is a fast-evolving medium, and experts suggest making advance marketing plan of not more than one year. Several factors go into consideration as to what is the current brand position, what is the current reputation, what are the […]

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Is Individual Brand Reputation really important?

Following up with the questions from the previous post https://neurosourcing.com/business-start-up/why-do-people-visit-your-site-but-dont-become-a-customer/ Here’s my next with the answers. One question that people have been asking me is before selling online is what is more important, the reputation of the brand/product or the reputation of the seller? Here is what I suggest. Both When it comes to fancy […]

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Why do people visit your site but don’t become a customer?

A large amount of digital media experts jump into creating innovative campaigns and paid marketing directly. It is probably a lack of knowledge or pressure for immediate returns to the client that they ignore to take the basic step of marketing. I meet them every day, they complain every day that their efforts aren’t paying […]

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